Unlicensed preachers under fire
The Ministry of Religious Endowment

CAIRO: The Ministry of Religious Endowment warnedon Sundaythat unauthorized small mosques, Zawaya, were violating the law in their Friday sermons. The Zawaya are not registered in the ministry and are thus unsupervised by the religious authority. The ministry demanded the transfer of all registered preachers in the Zawaya to the grand Mosques and the cancelling of licenses from preachers who do not conform to its decisions. In a statement, the ministrysaid that whoever gives the Friday sermon without a license mustapplyfor one under the law 238/1996. The ministry asked the Zawaya preachers to settle their status in accordance to the law and emphasized thatAl-Azhar graduate students and the Islamic missionary institutes that belong to the ministry, will also renew their licenses.

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