Egyptian Copt shot in Libya died in hospital of his injuries
The national flag flutters as Libyan security gather in the capital Tripoli - AFP/Mahmud Turika
By The Cairo Post

CAIRO: Salama Fawzy Tobia, an Egyptian Copts shot by Libyan gunmen in Benghazi on March 3, died of his injuries in the hospital in Alexandria on Saturday, Youm7 reported.

Funeral prayers will be held for Tobia’s burial in Al Sheikh Talata village in Minya governorate.

The family of Tobia condemned officials at the Egyptian Embassy in Tripoli who refused to transport him in an ambulance from Libya to Egypt. He was taken to the Good Shepherd Hospital in critical condition in Alexandria without any help from officials, the family said.

“When we found out that Salama had been shot but was still alive, we wanted to move him to a hospital in Egypt so he could be treated in his own country. We appealed to the Egyptian government to transport him back to Egypt, but the request was denied,” Tobia’s cousin told Al –Watan newspaper.

The shooting of Tobia in Libya marked a series of violent acts against Egyptians in Libya, which have tensed the relations between both countries.

On February 23, the bodies of seven other Christian Egyptians, kidnapped and killed by Libyan gunmen, have been found on a beach in eastern Libya.

Last Thursday, seventy Egyptians were seized in the Libyan capital Tripoli and a currently still held captive. Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy is negotiation with his Libyan counterpart and Al-Azhar issued a statement on Saturday morning demanding Libyan authorities to release the Egyptians

Besides three employees of the Egyptian Embassy in Libya were kidnapped in January, which led the Egyptian Foreign Ministry to withdraw its diplomats from Libya.

The ministry warns Egyptians only travel to Libya in necessary circumstances and when in Libya to be very cautious at all time.

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