Foreign Ministry resolves crisis of detainees in Libya
Badr Abdel Atty, Foreign Ministry spokesperson - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the release of 21 of the detainees in Libya after ensuring of the validity of their residency papers, according to Youm7.

The ministry spokesperson Badr Abdel Atty said Libya also agreed because of its special relation with Egypt that the rest detainees, 39 Egyptians, would be released and given a chance to complete their residency papers. He said the majority of them want to remain in Libya.

The spokesperson said the Egyptian embassy in Tripoli contacted the Libyan authorities and a delegation from the embassy visited the detainees to make sure they were being treated well.

He added that the efforts of Foreign Ministry and the embassy in Tripoli resulted in verifying the detainees’ papers quickly. The embassy is following the situation’s developments closely and Egyptians’ circumstances in Libya in general.

“Investigations revealed that 39 of the detained Egyptians’ documents were not fully legal, and their passports were handed over to a representative of the Egyptian Embassy to continue the legal procedures,” MENA quoted a Libyan security source as saying on Saturday.

The spokesperson of Foreign Ministry said that the Libyan authorities told the ministry that the Egyptians were detained to ensure they had valid residency papers, given the difficult security situation in Libya. Libyan authorities said accusations that Egyptians in Libya are being targeted were untrue, according to the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Additional reporting by Amira Abdel Salam and Amal Raslan.

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