Coptic activist: June 30 undermined the objectives of January 25 Revolution
Egyptian activist Vivian Magdy - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Egyptian activist Vivian Magdy stated that the country has witnessed notable deterioration since the June 30 demonstrations, noting that they have undermined the objectives of the January 25 Revolution.

Vivian Magdy was the fiancée of the Coptic activist Michael Mosaad, who was killed during the demonstrations organized by dozens of Copts in front of Maspiro on Oct. 9, 2011. The demonstration protested the demolition of a number of churches across the country, during the rule of the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF).

“When we participated in January 25 Revolution, the main objective was to put an end for the 60-year military rule. Meanwhile the country has returned to this era since the ousting of former President Mohamed Morsi from the power,” Magdy said in an interview with The Cairo Post on Saturday.

Magdy serves as the Chairperson of the Organization of Backing Liberal and Social Development (OBLSD). It is a non-profit organization established in 2009 to increase the political awareness of the Egyptian people.

“Michael established the organization in July 2009. Before the revolution, it worked to increase political awareness among Egyptians, especially the residents of slums. Its purpose was to confront the continuous violations committed against the people and to defend the principles of human rights.”

“The organization does not adopt the agenda of any political parties,” she added.

She continued that the organization currently provides training opportunities for different careers in the media, to pave the way for creating a new generation of non-politicized journalists. She added they welcome the trainees regardless of their political affiliations.

This is in light of what Magdy stated has been a significant absence of freedom of information during the current period. She said that the different media channels and newspapers have adopted the same approach adopted as Mubarak’s media apparatus, through working to tarnish the reputation of opponents and accusing them of treason.

She pointed to the dramatic changes in the position adopted by a number of journalists and anchors now, as opposed to their stated positions during the revolution.

Magdy continued to draw comparisons to pre-revolution Egypt, saying, “Egyptians have come to sanctify Minister of Defense Abdel-Fatah Al-Sisi, considering him as the savior and the only person who could lead the country during the upcoming period due to his role in overthrowing the rule of Muslim Brotherhood.”

“Such a vision takes the country back to Mubarak’s era,” she continued.

Additionally, she ruled out any probability that the political parties will perform a notable role during the upcoming period.

The current regime could strike deals with the Islamists, including the Muslim Brotherhood, to main its position of power, if it were deemed necessary, Magdy continued.

Magdy continued that the new constitution undermines the rights of women and Copts, signaling that women are still denied the right of joining a number of judicial authorities.

Nonetheless, she attributed the support of the Church and Copts in general for the current constitution to its being the only current alternative to Islamist rule.

This echoes the position adopted by former Coptic Patriarch, the late Pope Shenouda III, against January 25 Revolution, she said, adding, “He supported Mubarak fearing the repercussions of his fall.”

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