Sabbahi visits Wafd Party to present electoral program
YOUM7/Kareem Abdulkareem

CAIRO: Potential presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi visited Wafd Party Sunday to present his electoral program, according to the party’s newspaper.  

Sabbahi said he would not withdraw from the upcoming presidential elections despite his objection to the decision to immunize Supreme Electoral Commission (SEC) decisions, according to Al-Wafd Party newspaper.

The newspaper added that Sabbahi raised objections to the newly adopted presidential elections law during a meeting with interim president Adly Mansour and a number of political party leaders on March 13.

Sabbahi had also presented his program to Dostor Party, the Egyptian Social Democratic Party and the Popular Coalition.

Sabbahi had told The Cairo Post on Saturday that immunizing SEC decisions would not influence his decision whether or not to run for president “although possible state bias could be concealed by the immunity.”

In a Saturday press conference , activist Khaled Ali announced his withdrawal from the presidential race calling it a “farce.”

Abdel Ghafar Shoukr, the deputy head of the Popular Coalition, told The Cairo Post Hamdeen Sabbahi was the candidate to most likely receive the coalition’s support given his “political position and history.”

Shoukr added that “it does not matter whether Sabbahi wins or not; what matters is having real competitive elections.”

“Khaled Ali’s withdrawal is a big loss… we wanted more than candidate in the presidential race,” Shoukr said.

He said the coalition was still considering Sabbahi’s program, adding that “the program that meets the objectives of the January 25 Revolution would receive the coalition’s support.”

Thus far, Hamden Sabbahi is the only candidate to have officially announced his run for presidency.

It is widely expected that Abdel Fatah el-Sisi will also announce his candidacy.

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