Cairo governorate starts destruction illegal buildings, protests dispersed
Authorities demolish illegal buildings in Maadi using explosives - YOUM7/Maher Eskandar

CAIRO: Cairo governorate started Sunday destructing illegal buildings in Maadi, while opposing residents were dispersed with teargas.

Explosive experts of the Armed Forces in cooperation with the executive authorities of Cairo governorate started to plant dynamite around illegal residential buildings in the region of the Constitutional Court to destruct them.

Residents of the region and the buildings’ owners gathered in front of the buildings to prevent the destruction; security forces dispersed them by using teargas.

Amr Imam, a lawyer, told The Cairo Post Sunday that the authorities should have informed the owners and the residents of the buildings 60 days before destructing them. He added that the people who bought apartments in these buildings cannot sue the governorate, but they need to sue the owners to get a suitable restitution.

Imam also explained that the owners of these parcels needed permission from the governorate authorities to start building, so without permissions the buildings are considered “illegal.” In other cases, buildings were built illegally on government-owned lands.

Gamal Hassan, owner of one of the illegal buildings, told Youm7 that he has documents to approve that he owns the land he built on.

Ahmed al-Sayed, another owner, told Youm7 Sunday that the governorate wasted his money by destructing his building and demanded the authority to pay him restitution.

According to an anonymous source the costs of the destructing the building for the owners total 250-300 million EGP ($36-43 millions.)

Head of the operations room in the governorate, Magdy Sherif, told Al-Gornal website Sunday that they make use of “careful explosions” by planting the dynamite in certain places under the buildings to make them fall vertically.

Cairo Governor Galal Said stated in press statements earlier on Sunday that all services delivered to these buildings are stolen and delivered in an illegal way too.

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