March 16-31: Reda Band inaugurates Arts Festival in Balloon Theater
Reda Band - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Head of the Art House for traditional performances inaugurated the Arts Festival on Saturday with the participation of 120 artists from different bands, to last until the end of the March in the Balloon Theater.

Reda Band for Traditional Arts, The National Band for Traditional Arts and The National Circus are participating at the festival.

Reda Band is a highly celebrated performance troupe that was established 1959 by the brothers Mahmoud and Ali Reda along with the dancer Farida Fahmy.

In 1961 the band was nationalized after a presidential decree to become affiliated to the state, and the brothers Reda became the managers of the band.

Balloon Theater

Corniche, Agouza, Cairo

(02) 33471718 – 01222781434

Ticket prices vary

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