Anti-terrorism law allows state to track bank accounts: Horas al-Thawra Party
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CAIRO: The new anti-terrorism draft law allows the state to view and collect information pertaining to citizen bank accounts “using ‘tracking terrorist funds’ as a pretext,” Walid Saleh, a secretary of the Horas al-Thawra Party, said Monday during a symposium titled “Rejecting the anti-terrorism draft law.”

The symposium is being held at the Egyptian Center for Public Policy Studies to discuss the anti-terrorism draft law which had been proposed on November 6, 2013 by Hazem al-Beblawy’s Cabinet.

Ibrahim Mahlab’s Cabinet approved the law March 13 and referred it to the State Council’s legislation department for passage.

The Cabinet’s spokesperson had said the new draft aims to secure Egypt’s streets, by tracking financial networks related to “terror groups,” and provides for “a deterrent punishment against the terrorism that disrupts the state system and disturbs the peace and security of citizens,” Sky News reported March 13.

Saleh claimed the new law “violates 50 articles of the constitution,” adding that the law quotes from the “unacceptable temporary U.S. anti-terrorism law,” Youm7 reported.

According to Youm7, Saleh also denounced the Cabinet’s earlier decision to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a “terrorist organization,” saying it was “retaliatory and politicized; it was not a legal decision.”

The stipulates, “An act of terrorism is one that uses power, violence or threats to affect the system or disturb society’s peace; one that uses excessive violence to hurt people, threaten lives, freedoms, rights or security; one that vandalizes the environment, natural resources, monuments, money, buildings, public or private properties and impedes public authorities from carrying out their duties.”

Article 10 of the law states that “execution or imprisonment is the punishment for establishing a terrorist organization or being a leading member in one.” Article 11 states that imprisonment is the punishment for joining a terrorist organization while knowing the organization’s purposes.

Additional reporting by Mostafa el-Naggar and Islam Said. 

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