Alleged Israeli informant arrested in Sohag
The Accused - YOUM7

CAIRO: Sohag prosecution arrested Monday an Egyptian man, 24, on suspicion that he had been spying for Israel.

Youm 7 reported that man was suspected because he had “liked” the Mossad Facebook page, had engaged in a sexual relationship with an Israeli woman, and had Israeli friends on Facebook. When police entered his home they found him in possession of a Hebrew dictionary, and photos taken from his initial investigation show him with a Star of David tattoo on his arm.

Youm7 also reported that the prosecution ordered him detained for 15 days pending further investigations, and according to security forces he confessed to spying.

The accused man had worked in Sharm el-Sheikh, a popular tourist spot in the South Sinai, where he allegedly had a relationship with the Israeli woman and came into contact with an Israeli police officer.

Lawyer Wael Eleiwy told The Cairo Post this evidence is sufficient to accuse the man of spying, as he “proved his affiliation” with Israel by tattooing the Star of David. He also said that the punishment for espionage is up to 25 years in prison in times of peace, and is a capital crime during wartime.

The coast of the Red Sea is a popular tourist destination for Israelis, and both countries have had full diplomatic relations since 1979. Personal contact between Egyptians and Israelis, however, often attracts professional and governmental scrutiny.

A delegation of journalists from the Press Syndicate travelled to the West Bank in December, and also visited Israeli-occupied East Jerusalem to speak with families of detained Palestinians, and were subject to investigation by their colleagues upon return to Egypt, accused of “normalization” with Israel.


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