Al-Adl Party launches campaign to explain mission of president
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CAIRO: A number of political youth gruops headed by Al-Adl Party started the “Yaani eh Rayes” campaign (or “What does a President Mean”) on Tuesday afternoon in the Egyptian National Council, reported Youm7.

The purpose of the campaign is to develop citizens’ awareness to be able to choose a president who represents them, to know the missions and authorities of the next president, so that they can choose between candidates and know how to hold a president accountable.

The campaign’s general coordinator, Kareem al-Moghazy, said the campaign was conceived by Al-Adl and was consequently joined by a number of parties and political forces. He said that the campaign would start in Qasr el-Aini Street and 10 governorates would be chosen to spread awareness through research centers.

Head of Al-Adl Party Hamdy Smohy, who originally invited political parties to join, said that the campaign works through training workshops.

The coordinator of “Emnaa Maoona” (or “Block U.S. Aid”) Ahmed Hisham said that most of the participants in the campaign think that “Yaani eh Rayes” ignores popular forces, but he said that nevertheless it is the right of citizens to know the missions of their next president.

The campaign intends to explain definitions of the state, the republican system, and the executive authorities. Many groups have already joined the campaign, such as the Egyptian People’s General Assembly, Bokra Beidena Fondation, Emnaa Maoona Movemant, and the Sawa Initiative, according to the Facebook page of Al-Adl Party.

Basyoun and Kafr al-Zayat Media Center held conference on Feb. 16 to spread awareness regarding the description of Egypt’s next president, according to Mobtada news website.

The attendants emphasized that the next president should be charismatic, have practical background, and have a electoral program that meets people’s needs.

Additional reporting by Samar Salama.

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