Faculty of Law dean requests security interference amid escalated riots
Clashes between students and security forces in front of Cairo university - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: The Dean of the Faculty of Law at the Cairo University Mahmoud Kebeish asked the Ministry of Interior on Wednesday for rapid interference amid escalated clashes by students who support the Muslim Brotherhood.

Describing the situation inside the faculty, Kebeish told Youm7 the pro- Brotherhood students are firing cartridges with the campus.

“They destroyed the faculty and there is huge damage,” Kbeish told The Cairo Post and that the security guards informed him with the developments of the incidents that occurred on Wednesday.

He told The Cairo Post that the clashes lead to some injuries among the security guards. He described the protesters as “terrorists” and refused to call the incidents protests but called it “destruction and terrorism acts.”

Kebeish told Youm7 he phoned the Ministry of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim but only the director of his office answered and promised to inform the minister with the issue.

The administrative security tried to ban the protesting students from climbing the university fences and walls, he told Youm7. “We are in the face of terrorist crimes and using security is the only way now. I asked the Ministry of Interior for rapid interference.”

Youm7 reported that the pro-Brotherhood students stormed the Faculty of Law building and damaged the main gates and the building collectibles. It was also reported that some students stole a police walkie-talkie from an administrative security personnel.

The administrative security personnel at the Cairo University found a gas bomb and a benzene jerkin inside the Faculty of Arts building while they were sweeping the area. Clashes erupted between security forces and protesting students that lasted for three hours, Youm7 reported.

Additional reporting by Wael Rabeiy and Hany Mohamed.

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