University professor slams draft protest law
Political science professor Gamal Zahran - YOUM7

 CAIRO: A Suez Canal University professor slammed a new protest law drafted by the Justice Ministry on Sunday, saying sit-ins and strikes are methods of freedom of expression as long as they are peaceful.


“We have legal rights that we snatched, and we will not allow them to be taken back,”  said Gamal Zahran, professor of political science at Suez Canal University, speaking to Youm7.


Deputy Justice Minister Ezzat Khamis announced on Sunday that the Justice Ministry had drafted a new law concerning protests to be passed to the Cabinet for approval.


The law would ban protesting within 100 meters of governmental buildings such as the Cabinet building, police stations, and courthouses, and would authorize police forces to disperse protestors in violation of the law with water cannons and tear gas.


Translated from Youm7

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