Engineering students strike to demand safety inside university
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CAIRO: The students’ union of the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, is striking on Thursday in protest of the violence against students during Wednesday’s clashes and demanding the release of detained colleagues.

The head of the students’ union, Abdel Rahman Abdel Nasser, told The Cairo Post that the union would meet Thursday afternoon to discuss possible follow up actions.

Students protested on Wednesday in different university campuses in response to calls of the pro-Muslim Brotherhood National Alliance Supporting Legitimacy for mass demonstrations against the government. The protests escalated at some places into clashes with police forces, leaving death one student at Al-Azhar University and a 14-yrs-old boy in Beni Suef.

The union called on all its students to participate in the strike to pressure authorities, but they only showed up in small numbers.

“We are about 150-200 students participating in the strike. The number of the participants is not high, as many students are worried and stayed at home,” Abdel Nasser said.

Students are afraid their safety inside the universities is not guaranteed. Abdel Nasser said that four students were injured on Wednesday, three girls and a boy, as they were attending lectures, while not being part of the protests.

According to Abdel Nasser, the faculty administration is not able to provide security for the students. He said that he discussed the matter with the dean of the Faculty of Engineering, who told him: “It is not in my hands, I can’t do anything.”

Youm7 reported that the striking students hold banners saying “I have the right to learn in peace” and “I won’t go to college without protection.” In particular they demanded the release of their colleague Ahmed Salah Nabeh, who was arrested on March 4.

“There is no person we can trust to contact. We don’t know whether to talk to the minister of higher education, the minister of interior or the prime minister. They won’t do anything for us,” Abdel Rahman expressed the students’ feeling.

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