Attorney General orders investigation into report against Judges Club
Hisham Genena - YOUM7/Hisham Said

CAIRO: The Attorney General ordered Cairo Appeals Prosecution to investigate a report filed by Hisham Genenah, the head of the Central Auditing Organization (CAO),  against the administration of the Judges Club for refusing to come under CAO supervision, a judicial source told Youm7 Thursday.

The source added that the CAO sued several bodies alongside the Judges Club, including the Interior Ministry and the State Council’s Judges Club, for also refusing to come under CAO supervision.

Genenah told Youm7 Thursday the two clubs had previously been subject to financial supervision by the CAO, adding that he would” combat corruption in state institutions and NGOs per the law.”

He said he had tasked the Supreme Judicial Council four months ago to interfere to solve the crisis, but when it failed he escalated matters and took legal measures.

The Central Auditing Organization (CAO) is an independent auditing body that supervises the management of public sector companies and governmental departments. It can also investigate other entities as determined by the president and the prime minister.

Mahmoud el-Sherief, the general secretary of the Judges Club, told The Cairo Post Thursday that “Genenah’s report has no value and is baseless … It is an attempt to demolish the judiciary.”

Sherief added that the CAO lacks the “authority to put the Judges Club under its supervisory.”

“The Judges Club does not take money from the state,” he said, adding that the club was financed through member donations.

He said the club filed a law suit against Genenah for “insulting the judiciary.”

Additional Reporting by Ahmed Metwaly and Omneya El-Mougy.

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