Sabbahi’s campaign to sue TV personalities over ‘unfounded accusations’
Hamdeen Sabbahi - YOUM7/Maher Iskandar

CAIRO: Hamdeen Sabbahi’s presidential campaign filed reports to the Attorney-General against two personalities for directing “unfounded accusations” at Sabbahi, the campaign said in a Facebook statement Thursday.

Refaei Nasrallah, coordinator of the pro-Minister of Defense Abdel Fatah al-Sisi campaign Kammel Gameelak, of “Fulfill Your Role”, accused Sabbahi of “collaborating with foreign states” and “receiving funds”  in a phone interview with Tahrir channel anchor Ahmed Mousa, posted on Youtube on Feb. 17.

Hamdeen Sabbahi’s statement said Nasrallah does not have any legal basis to his accusation, and Mousa went from an impartial anchor to an “essential party” to these accusations.

Nasrallah said on Tahrir channel that he filed a report against Sabbahi to prevent him from running for president and that he backed the report with “incriminating documents.”

Hamed Gabr, member of the legal unit of Sabbahi’s campaign, told Youm7 on Friday that they will file other reports against Dostour newspaper, Al-Kahera Wal Nas channel and its anchor Naila Emara.

In an episode of the program later posted to Youtube on Jan. 20, Emara relayed claims she had read on Facebook that Sabbahi had received funds from the late Libyan President Muammar Gadhafi and late Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, and said the claims are “critical” and Sabbahi should respond to them.

When former Chief of Staff Sami Anan announced his potential candidacy in the presidential elections, he was widely criticized in the Egyptian media. On March 13, he announced in a press conference that he would not run for president for the “sake of the country’s unity.”

On March 16, human rights lawyer Khaled Ali, who ran for president in 2012, announced in a press conference he would not participate in 2014’s “farce” of presidential elections.

Although he has not yet announced an official candidacy, Sisi is widely expected to run for office. Following the July 2013 ouster of Mohamed Morsi, a number of  campaigns urging Sisi to run. The date for elections has not yet been set.

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