National Alliance to Support Legitimacy calls for escalation in clashes
Leaders of Muslim Brotherhood’s National Alliance to Support Legitimacy during press conference - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: The National Alliance to Support Legitimacy issued a statement on its official Facebook page, calling for a second revolutionary wave in 2014. They praised the weekly Friday protests, the likes of which fired up the “revolution.”

They promise the resistant victims’ mothers in the alliance to exert all possible efforts to achieve the goals of the revolution and avenge the martyrs, injured, and detainees. They said they support all those who are angry in the revolutionary escalation.

They promised to continue the revolutionary movement and support the martyrs’ families by challenging the “coup d’état’s” terrorism that wants to shed more blood and follow the “Zio-American league.”

They urged revolutionaries to support social and economic demands of labor, employees, farmers, and the marginalized keeping the pace of escalatory movement in public squares and universities.

The ended their statement and said the street is theirs once they reach salvation.

Clashes started between residents of el-Sa’a Square in Faisal and Muslim Brotherhood members on Friday. Both threw rocks at each other and Brotherhood members aimed fireworks at residents, Youm7 reported.

Violent clashes erupted between Muslim Brotherhood members and security forces in Oroba Street in Haram on Friday. Afterwards, Brotherhood members shot fireworks at security forces, which caused the forces respond with a wave of teargas to disperse them.

The alliance called on its supporters to protest on Mother’s Day, according to Shorouq newspaper. The alliance said the youth lead the revolution and they are the pillar and the youth is capable of bringing back freedom and defeating the “coup.“

Additional reporting by Reham al-Masry.

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