Former MP Azza el-Garf claims security forces raided her house; police deny
Azza al-Garf - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Former parliamentarian Azza el-Garf tweeted early Saturday that security forces were raiding her house, and destroyed her property.

However, head of the October Police Station Mohamed al-Darmali denied Garf’s claims, stating that there was no such storming.

Darmali told Youm7, “We have not received any notifications or decisions to storm her house.”

Garf’s Tweet said, “Forces from among the thugs of the Interior Ministry stormed my house. They broke its contents and stole a number of papers and documents.”

“You will not terrorize us. We are continuing our path,” Garf continued.

Nicknamed “Omm Ayman,” the leading woman of the Muslim Brotherhood was a member of 2012 parliament, during which she received criticism for adopting a number of controversial views over the position of women in Egypt.

Among these were her calls for female genital mutilation, and her statements that women bear the responsibility for sexual harassment due to their clothing.

Garf was not among the scores of Muslim Brotherhood leaders who were arrested following the ouster of Mohamed Morsi on June 3, and no charges were filed against her.

Additional reporting by Abdel Rahman Sayed.

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