Rageh Daoud continues to captivate Opera House audience with his tunes
Cairo Opera House - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO:  Egyptian composer of contemporary classical music Rageh Daoud performed for his fans at the Cairo Opera House Wednesday, where he played various pieces he has composed over the years.

Daoud opened the concert with a performance of “Whispers of the Flowers,” dedicating it to the late Salah Marei, an art director and production designer. He played alongside the orchestra’s instruments, such as the flute, nay, and qanoon taqasim.

Daoud also performed film scores he has composed, including the renowned Passacaglia, which was the soundtrack of the Egyptian cinema classic “Kit Kat,” directed by Dawood Abdel Sayed. He also performed “The Shepherd and Women,” “The Hero,” “Birds of the Nile,” in addition to a piece Daoud composed for martyrs of the January 25 Revolution. “I composed it two years ago, and it is a regular on my set list” Daoud told The Cairo Post.

“We add new pieces to the set list each concert, every time I work on something new,” Dawood said, explaining that “Supplication” and “King Lear” were also performed for the first time on Wednesday.

Following Daoud’s graduation from Cairo Conservatoire in 1977 he has obtained degrees in and outside Egypt and began producing his own work as an individual music composer and for cinema, theater, and TV.

He mentioned that his latest work in cinema was for “Family Secrets,” a film directed by Hany Fawzy that was released several months ago. He also composed for “The Slap” TV series in 2012.

Those attending Wednesday’s performance included director Dawood Abdel Sayed, TV presenter and previous potential presidential candidate Bothaina Kamel, and ex-deputy-prime minister Yehia El-Gamal.

Daoud’s previous concerts were held in December 2013 and January 2014, and he will be performing on Sunday in the Alexandria Opera House at Sayed Darwish Theater.

“I do not plan dates for concerts ahead, said Daoud. “When I finish working on a certain piece, I start doing so in Cairo and Alexandria. I hope there will be other concerts very soon.”

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