7 pm News Wrapup March 22

Two people died and five were injured when a three-story residential building collapsed in Osim in north Giza, the Ministry of Health announced Friday.

Gilead Sciences has offered to supply to supply hepatitis C Solvadi pill to Egypt at a 99 percent discount to the U.S. price, making a 12-week treatment course available at $900 instead of $ 84,000.

News & Politics:

The presidential decree granting immunity to the decisions of the Supreme Electoral Commission is now final after despite objection by politicians and political powers.

Presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi is likely to proceed with his candidacy, unless it is “revealed that the state is biased against.”

Secretary-general of the Inter-Parliamentary Union Anders B. Johnsson discussed Egypt’s membership suspension and the view of Egypt’s legislative system following since the 2011 uprising.


Rights organizations condemn ‘lack of political will’ to fight sexual harassment.

Rageh Daoud opened his concert concert with a performance of “Whispers of the Flowers.” He played alongside the orchestra’s instruments, such as the flute, nay, and qanoon taqasim.

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Photo Gallery: Cairo’s Citadel and Mohamed Ali Mosque

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