April 6 launches campaign to repeal protest law
April 6 Movement Flag - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: April 6 Movement launched a new campaign Saturday to petition for the repeal of the protest law.

The movement added in a Saturday statement that it plans to hold meetings with political forces and gather signatures on a petition against the law that would be submitted to the presidency.

Mahmoud Basha, a member of April 6 Movement, told The Cairo Post the current protest law violates the constitution. He said the movement objects to the law because numerous people have been and continue to be arrested for a series of charges under the umbrella of the law.

April 6’s founder Ahmed Maher and other political activists, such as Ahmed Doma and Mohamed Adel, are currently detained for violating the law. Maher, Adel, and Doma have been charged with orchestrating unlicensed protests and assaulting police officers in November 2013 in front of Abdeen Misdemeanor Court. If found guilty, the defendants would face three years of jail time and be fined 50,000 EGP.

The 2013 protest law issued last November grants the Interior Ministry the power to regulate and prohibit public meetings and other forms of assembly. The law has been widely criticized by activists and human rights organizations in Egypt. Human Rights Watch said the law violates international standards because it grants authority to prohibit demonstrations on “vague grounds.”

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