Rights group condemns detention of children involved in protests
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CAIRO: Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights (ECESR) refused the policies and procedures against children in prison, in particular the ones detained over political accusations, in a statement issued on Saturday.

The statement said the numbers of children detained are not accurate and difficult to estimate, because the ministries of Interior and Justice often refuse to reveal information.

ECESR condemned violations by Interior Ministry of children rights, as many are detained in violation of the law, especially the ones arrested during political activities.

The statement added that also the Ministry of Justice violates the rights of children, as it is renewing detentions awaiting the setting of trial sessions without a valid reason; severe violations of the Child Law and Criminal Procedures Law, according to ECESR.

ECESR specifically condemned security forces for transporting 50 children that are in hunger strike, from Alexandria to Cairo last Wednesday.

There were reports that the families of the detained children were not allowed to visit them, as well as that security forces demanded the families to sign ratifications holding the families of the children responsible for what would happen to their children as a result of their hunger strike.

Clashes erupted in Alexandria on March 16 between the families of these detained children and security forces; teargas was used against the families, Al-Ahram reported.

Shehab Center for Human Rights, known as pro-Muslim Brotherhood, has issued a statement describing the 50 children as political detainees, arrested while joining anti-government protests, and claiming they were tortured and treated with brutality in prison.

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