Cairo Criminal Court postpones trial of Ithadeya incidents to April 5
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CAIRO:  Cairo Criminal Court on Sunday adjourned the trial session of former President Mohamed Morsi and 14 Muslim Brotherhood leaders in the case of “Ithadeya incidents” to April 5.

The court is overseeing the case of the “Ithadeya incidents,” where 10 people were killed in December 2012, including journalist Al-Husseiny Abu Deif, during protests between supporters and opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Before the session began, security authorities closed streets around the court, anticipating to acts of violence, and bomb squads swept the area.

Upon entering the court – and the now famous glass docket, the former president saluted all the defendants and Mohamed al-Beltagy raised the Rabaa al-Adaweya sign. During the session, the court, headed by Ahmed Sabry, viewed videos of the Ithadeya incidents.

The defense team has earlier requested that one of the sitting judges in the trial be replaced, but the Cairo Appeal Court refused on March 18.

Morsi is facing several other criminal charges in addition to the killing of protesters at Ithadeya, including conspiracy with foreign organizations and escaping from jail during the January 25 Revolution.

Morsi was removed from office by the military on July 3 following nationwide demonstrations on June 30 demanding his resignation.

Additionally reporting by Mohamed Abdel Razeek, Ahmed Ismail, Ihab al-Mohandes.

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