Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis mourns dead in Arab Sharkas raid
Members of Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis who were killed in Arab Sharkas - YOUM7

CAIRO: Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis issued a statement Sunday evening mourning six of its members who were killed during a seven-hour fight with military and police forces in Arab Sharkas village in Qalyubia.

40 special forces combat groups using armored vehicles, tanks, and heavy armor attacked  the stronghold in Arab Sharkas. Maqdis members had explosive belts and around 60 bullets each, according to the statement.

Maqdis were able to injure many security members and army soldiers, killing an army colonel, an army brigadier and a number of special forces police officers, the statement continued.

The statement also claimed that the members who died could have “blown up the whole area killing all members of the army and the police” but they “preferred fighting to death because they feared for the life of residents around them and they fought for Islam not for killing people.”

The statement said the group has “no official or unofficial accounts on social media” and that they publish their statements and news over Shomoukh al-Islam network and Al-Fidaa Islamic network, adding that the group was being subject to a “defamation campaign.”

Former secretary of State Security Investigations Service, Gen. Fouad Allam commented on the Arab Sharkas security operation and told The Cairo Post Monday, “This is a great success for the military and police forces.”

The Armed Forces sized large amounts of explosive materials in Arab Sharkas, military spokesperson Ahmed Ali  had announced on March 20 on his official Facebook page.

The materials include 1,580 kilograms of ANFO highly explosive substance, 180 kilograms of Ammonium Peroxide that enhances and amplifies explosive waves, 1,040 kilograms of powder T.N.T, 30 kilograms of highly explosive T.N.T. grains, 3 kilograms of solid T.N.T, in addition to 30 hand grenades, and 31 electric bomb detonators.

One of the suspects arrested after an attack on two Armed Forces buses in Amiriyah area led security forces to the Maqdis weapons storehouse in Arab Sharkas, MENA reported March 21.

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