Ex-MB Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie faces trial on March 27
Mohamed Badie during his trial - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Minya Criminal Court postponed the trial of former Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie and 48 others to March 27, in the case known as the “Qalyub Highway,” the court said on Monday.

The case goes back to July 2013, shortly after the ouster of former president Mohamed Morsi. A number of Morsi’s supporters protested in the governorate of Qalyubia, cutting off the main road in the town of Qalyub and clashing with anti-Morsi residents.

MENA reported on July 22 that two people were reported dead and seven others injured as a result of gunshots according to Deputy Health Minister.

Badie and the other defendants are facing charges of inciting violence.

Further, conflicting reports have circulated regarding Badie’s name being among the 529 Brotherhood-affiliates convicted to death, mostly in absentia, earlier Monday.

According to head of a human rights center called Victims Haiytham Abu Khalil’s statements on Facebook, Badie and the former head of the 2011 MB-dominated parliament Saad Katatny are among the convicted. However, Abu Khalil also stated on his Facebook page Monday that he is currently in Geneva attending a UN Human Rights Council session.

On the other hand, MB lawyer Mohamed Tosson, denied the claims, confirming that Badie is not implicated in the case, in press statements to Youm7.Tosson is also in charge of defending the MB members in the Matai case.

Additional reporting by Nermine Suleiman and Mohamed Ismail.

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