FM rules out reconciliation with Qatar at Arab Summit
Nabil Fahmy - REUTERS/Muhammad Hamed

CAIRO: The strained ties between Qatar and Egypt, and other Arab countries, are serious enough to rule out that they could be alleviated during the two-day Arab Summit, Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy told Al-Hayat TV Monday.

Egypt recalled its ambassador from Qatar in January, and Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain withdrew their envoys from Qatar on March 5 for its “interfering in their internal affairs,” BBC Arabic reported.

Arab countries are parties to a counter-“terrorism” agreement that obliges them to handover wanted “terrorists” even if they do not recognize the group to which they belong as a “terrorist” group, Fahmy told Al-Hayat TV.

“’Terrorism’ does not recognize borders. Without stern countering, it will prevail,” Fahmy said.

The minister added that Egypt would request the implementation of this agreement in periodical meetings of Arab ministers of interior and justice, regarding the handing over of wanted “terrorists,” refraining from funding “terrorist” groups, and refraining from promoting “terrorist” operations.

Egypt designated the Brotherhood a “terrorist” organization in December 2013, and Saudi Arabia followed suit in March.

Attorney General Hisham Barakat announced on March 12 that Interpol notified him that former member of parliament Akram al-Shaer and Brotherhood member Mohamed al-Qabouti were arrested in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait respectively, Youm7 reported. The two are wanted for inciting violence in Port Said last August 16, during which five people were killed and dozens were injured.

Kuwait has refused to enlist the designation of the Islamist group as a “terrorist” organization in its agenda for the summit on Tuesday, according to Quds Press International News Agency.

Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain have decreased the number of representatives they sent to the summit hosted by Kuwait, Youm7 reported.

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