37 protests per day in Egypt, says new report
Pro-Muslim Brotherhood protest - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Egyptians protested 37 times per day, with an average of three protests every two hours during the month of February, stated a recent report released on Monday by the International Development Center’s independent initiative Democracy Meter.

Democracy Meter reported 1,044 protests were recorded in the month of February alone, in various forms such as strikes, demonstrations, public gatherings, and closing down work institutions, Youm7 reported.

It appears the nature of the protests were mostly socio-economic, while political and Muslim Brotherhood protests declined in comparison to previous months, the report said.

In the months since President Mohamed Morsi was ousted, demonstrations and strikes increased in various sectors such as the medical, pharmaceutical, public transport, notary, and textile workers. Additionally, students stormed universities with protests.

Compared to June 2013, Fridays are no longer the days with the most protests, Mohamed Adel, the report’s editor, told Daily News Egypt.

The Democracy Meter previously reported a total of 1,423 protests in June, describing it as the peak month, and more politically oriented, El-Fagr News reported last August.

The report found there was an average of 46 protests a day, two protests every hour, and that the three days following the ouster of Morsi witnessed the most protests, 420.

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