Dostour Party head visits political detainees in Giza
Hala Shukrallah, Dostour party head - YOUM7/Hassan Mohamed

CAIRO: Dostour Party president Hala Shukrallah visited youth detained since the January constitutional referendum in the Giza police station, according to a Monday statement by the party.

The police station is not equipped to accommodate such large number of detainees, detainees told Shukrallah, and told her they were kept in cramped conditions, poor ventilation, and had been subjected to torture, according to the party’s statement.

“Dostour party member Mohamed Abdel Wahed was among seven students including a 15-year child who were detained on January 12,2014,” said the party, adding that Abdel Wahed was detained while filming a protest. His detention has been repeatedly renewed since then, and the court is scheduled to consider another extension on March 30.

Shukrallah previously visited other youth who were detained while demonstrating to commemorate the third anniversary of 25 January revolution in Maadi district, including Tarek Tito, a Dostour party member who was sentenced to two years in prison and a fine of 50,000 EGP ($7,183.)

The party also demanded the abolition of the protest law, which makes political demonstrations of any kind illegal without prior permission from the state. Following the entry into force of the law in November 2013, a number of students protesting it were arrested outside the Shura Council.

As many as 1,000 were arrested during demonstrations marking  the third anniversary of the January 25 Revolution. A report published by human rights watchdog Amnesty International in February claimed that arrested protesters had been subjected to beatings and torture through electrical shock.

Seven political parties and movements held a press conference on March 15, calling for freedom for all youth detainees. They included the Dostour Party, the Popular Current, the Egyptian Social Democratic Party , the Social Popular Alliance Party, and Misr Al-Hurreya (The Free Egypt Party.)

“Releasing the hundreds of innocent detainees and halting torture inside detention room is the only way for preserving national safety and security” the group said in a joint statement March 15.

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