BREAKING: Egyptian killed in latest attack in Benghazi
gunmen sit on top of an army vehicle - REUTERS

CAIRO: In the most recent attack targeting Egyptians in Libya, an Egyptian was killed on Tuesday in the City of Benghazi.

Mohamed Shehata Adel, 45, was found dead early Tuesday after he was shot in the head by anonymous gunmen in his place of residence near a beverage factory.

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Badr Abdel Atty told The Cairo Post that “there are continual and intensified efforts to find out who committed these attacks.”

Atty added that Egypt is calling on Libyan authorities to provide the maximum level of protection to Egyptians living in Libya.

The Spokesperson also said that there is coordination between Egyptian and Libyan authorities to face and prevent any future attacks against Egyptians there.

Atty further emphasized the Ministry’s warning to Egyptians not to travel to Libya except when absolutely necessary.

The Ministry also released a press statement calling on Egyptian in Libya to take the highest precautions due to the situation there.

On Feb. 23, seven Christian Egyptians were killed in Benghazi, when masked gunmen broke into their building and shot them dead, “execution-style” on a beach.

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