Student protests erupt across Egypt in response to mass death sentence
Al-Azhar University protest - YOUM7/Hazem Abd el-Samad

CAIRO: Demonstrations against Monday’s mass death sentences issued to 529 supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood erupted on university campuses across Egypt Wednesday.

Along with demonstrating against Monday’s verdict, students also demonstrated to demand the release of detained student, which has been an ongoing theme of recent demonstrations.

According to Youm7, dozens of students affiliating with the Brotherhood organized a march in Cairo University to protest against the judicial verdict. The demonstrators called for releasing their imprisoned colleagues while raising pictures of detained students and banners calling for their release.

ONTV reported that security forces were using tear gas to combat protesting students.

Hundreds of students cut off the roads leading to Cairo University to protest against the recent decision by the university to suspend a number of students.

Protests also took place at Al-Azhar University, where latest reports say security forces were closing in on the campus and using tear gas to stop protesters, according to Egyptian Streets.

A group of pro-Brotherhood female students from Al-Azhar University obstructed the road in Nasr city leading to the university’s campus. They demanded that security forces release detained students arrested for organizing demonstrations. Students reportedly attacked University City, breaking its gates.

In Alexandria, dozens of Muslim Brotherhood students rallied before the gate of the Faculty of Commerce on Wednesday, demanding the release of fellow students, particularly the case of Fatma Nassar, who has been detained for 82 days pending investigations.

Violence also broke out at Zagazig University, where pro-Brotherhood students and other independent students clashed with each other.

Dr. Sherif Matin, Chairperson of Ambulance Authority in Sharkia Governorate, said that ambulances transferred nine students to the hospital after clashes.

Student demonstrations came in response to a demand issued Tuesday by the National Alliance to Support Legitimacy asking for people to take to the streets to protest the verdict.

The coalition’s statement was published on its Facebook page and called for supporters to demonstrate against what it described as an unfair trial that targets the revolutionaries.

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