“Take as much as you need… it’s clean food” charity initiative by NBE Club

CAIRO: The National Bank of Egypt Club has launched a project to repack excess food, mainly from the club, and put it in a wooden box in the street without any restrictions.

“The idea behind this was suggested by board member Tamer Khames,” Chairman of the National Bank of Egypt Club Saied Hassan told The Cairo Post Wednesday.

The “Take as much as you need…it’s clean food” is an initiative that was started by NBE Club in Alexandria 10 days ago, according to Director of the club, Khaled Sherif. For now the club has only put out one box by the back door of the club, close to a low-income area in Alexandria. If it goes well, they will increase the number of boxes and spread it in different areas.

The whole project is executed by the club, separately from the National Bank of Egypt’s Administration, added Hassan. One of the Facebook members of the official page of the club suggested that the project be applied in two other NBE clubs in Nasr City and Imbaba, to which the administration responded welcomingly.

On the other hand, a senior engineering student in Alexandria, Mohamed Saad, is working with a  team to develop a new type of storage that will prevent food from going bad quickly. So far the team has succeeded in making four boxes, and they await funds to continue, which are provided by his friends, family and acquaintances.

Saad has designated four locations that are easily accessible for areas populated by low-income citizens. These are Qaed Ibrahim Mosque, Sidi Bishr, el-Mansheya and Sidi Gaber. He had also planned one at Smouha, but after he found out about NBE Club’s box in Smouha he decided to change the location so that more people could benefit.

Saad added that there is no connection between his project and NBE Club’s project, but indicated that he is willing to coordinate with them to help more people in any possible way.

NBE Club is a social/sports club for employees of the National Bank of Egypt and Central Bank of Egypt and their families. It is supervised by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

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