Interior ministry arrested suspect in British tourist rape
Egyptian Interior Ministry Logo. YOUM7.

CAIRO: The suspect in the case of the British tourist who was allegedly raped in a Sharm el-Sheikh resort on Monday has been arrested according to a statement from the Ministry of Interior.

The statement said that all security and legal measures were taken immediately after they received the report of the rape. Forensic tests were matched to one of the workers in the hotel. The woman had stated that a security guard from the hotel had raped her.

He was arrested after permission was obtained from the prosecution. The suspect was referred to prosecution to investigate with him.

Sexual harassment is a rising phenomenon in Egypt, and along with it, reports of rapes have majorly increased. The coordinator of the I Saw Harassment Initiative Azza Kamel previously told The Cairo Post that this is not the first such case to occur in Egypt.

The Daily Mail reported that in 2012, the Foreign & Commonwealth dealt with six rape cases and 23 cases of sexual assault.

Additional reporting by Ibrahim Ahmed.

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