Misr Al-Qawia slams Arab summit and its host Kuwait
Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh, Strong Egypt Party head - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: The Misr Al-Qawia party criticized on Wednesday the two-day Arab League summit in a statement, describing it as “soulless, hopeless and with no ambition,” particularly considering the results of the “Arab Spring” uprisings three years ago, Youm7 reported.

“Heads of Arab states are holding their annual summit in Kuwait while it practices the most heinous human rights violations of the Arab countries,” the party said in its statement.

The party said the summit is being held ”amid an unprecedented diplomatic fallout among the Gulf countries and tension over the crisis in Egypt and the conflict in Syria,” adding in its statement that people are “fed up” with their leaders’ “speeches and hollow words.”

The party called upon all Arab leaders to unite against Israel and to offer solutions to the Renaissance Dam issue between Egypt and Ethiopia, which will affect a quarter of Egypt’s water supply. The party also called for an end to the suffering of the Syrian people.

In the opening session of the summit on Tuesday, Kuwait’s Emir Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah called on Arab states to end the rifts he said are obstructing joint Arab action, Al Jazeera reported Tuesday.

“The dangers around us are enormous and we will not move towards joint Arab action without our unity and without casting aside our differences,” he said.

The crisis in Egypt and the conflict in Syria dominated the opening session of the summit. Syria’s seat has remained empty, but foreign ministers have discussed whether to allow the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces to take the seat.

A sub-committee was due to make a decision on the issue before the summit’s final session Wednesday, Al-Jazeera reported.

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