5 new MB-affiliated associations’ assets seized
Muslim Brotherhood headquarter - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: The committee tasked with managing the Muslim Brotherhood’s funds decided on Thursday to seize the assets of five additional associations, Youm7 reported.

The decision came after investigations revealed that the members and activities of these associations belong to the Brotherhood. These associations support and finance banned Brotherhood activities, according to the verdict issued to confiscate the Brotherhood’s money and properties, issued by the Cairo Court.

The committee further deliberated on complaints filed by other schools and associations, and decided to relinquish the assets of Al-Yasser, Al-Qaed and Bedaya Schools.

On the other hand, MENA reported that the committee decided to seize the assets of 22 new associations whose members were proven to belong to the Brotherhood, on March 12.

Further, Head of Ministry of Justice’s Media Office Abdel Azim al-Ashry said on March 12 that a total of 1075 associations affiliated to the Brotherhood have had their assets seized, according to MENA. He stated that these associations are managed under the supervision of the committee, through the Ministry of Solidarity.

Moreover, the committee listed 46 Brotherhood members to the list of people whose assets are to be seized on Tuesday, according to Al-Shorouq newspaper.

Additional reporting by Ibrahim Qassem and Nourhan Hassan.

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