Cabinet approves demolition of NDP hq, land goes to Egyptian Museum
The previous headquarters of the National Democratic Party - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: The Cabinet issued a decree Thursday to demolish the previous headquarters of the National Democratic Party (NDP), located near Tahrir Square, and join the land with the Egyptian Museum, Youm7 reported.
The NDP building, which caught on fire during the January 25 Revolution and now stands on the Nile as a burnt reminder of 2011’s uprising, has been the subject of many suggestions as to what should be done with its remains.

The building was submitted to state authorities, along with other assets and real estate belonging to the party, based on the Supreme Administrative Court’s verdict issued on April 16, 2011, according to

The Ministry of Antiquities issued a warrant to former Prime Minister Kamal al-Ganzoury in 2011 demanding the land of the NDP building be returned to the Ministry of Antiquities as it was in the ministry’s possession before it became the NDP’s headquarters.

Former head of Egyptian Antiquities Mohamed Abdel Maqsoud told The Cairo Post Thursday that if the decree is activated the land would benefit the museum in many aspects. “I hope that the decree is bound with a timetable and a serious investment project to widen the museum’s area to take advantage of the land,” he said.

Maqsoud said the Ministry of Antiquities has a limited budget and already has two major projects on its hands, including a museum in Fostat and the Grand Egyptian Museum, and it would need more funding and assistance in order to develop the land of the NDP building.

Other countries should participate in developing the land, said Maqsoud, adding that it would be a good opportunity to attract investors.

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