Inspections in Beni Suef after reports of rotten meat
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CAIRO: After reports of rotten meat in other governorates, the Food Supply Investigation authority performed health inspections at butchers and meat outlets in Beni Suef, the governorate’s supply authority head, Mohamed Mahfouz, told Youm7 on Thursday.

The director of supply in Beni Suef and a number of veterinarians checked the validity of the meat and did not find rotten or donkey meat in the supply, Youm7 reported.

Investigators were responding to reports Thursday that some residents had found traces of cattle inside an abandoned bread association near a bakery in Beni Suef, Al-Bawabh News reported.

Rumors soon spread that a butcher had been selling donkey meat and was shut down by investigators, which Mahfouz denied, Youm7 reported.

Cases of rotten meat have arisen at some butchers and slaughterhouses recently.

In Zagazig,  the capital of Sharqia, supply investigators closed down on March 23 four restaurants and referred their owners to the attorney general on charges of buying rotten meat, reported Al-Ahram.

The governor of Sharqia formed a health commission that included veterinarians to inspect the validity of meat in different meat outlets around the governorate.

In Ismailia, 100 kilograms of rotten and “invalid” meat were found at a meat outlet by Ismailia supply investigators on March 25, during a campaign held in Suez Canal and Sinai governorates, Cities News reported.

Additional reporting by Ayman Lotfy.

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