Egyptian shot dead in Benghazi market
AFP/Mahmud Turkia

CAIRO: An Egyptian man was shot dead after unidentified gunmen attacked a market in Benghazi, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry stated Saturday.

“Unknown gunmen driving a black car broke into a grocery shop downtown the city of Benghazi on Saturday morning and shot the two brothers who work there,” said Ibrahim al-Sharei, the spokesperson of the Joint Security Operation Room in Benghazi, adding that the man’s brother survived and the attackers escaped.

Egyptian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Badr Abdel Atty stated that the embassy in Tripoli is coordinating with Libyan authorities to find the suspects, and repeated his warning to Egyptians not to travel to Libya.

There have been a series of attacks against Egyptians, and in particular Christians, in the past few months. Seven bodies were found in February on a beach in Benghazi, after being fatally shot.

The body of another Coptic Egyptian man who had been shot multiple times was found in Benghazi March 2, according to the Libya Herald newspaper.

Libyan Ambassador Mohamed Fayez blamed the attacks on “terrorists” and confirmed that the killers would be arrested within a few days, in statements to CBC on March 6.

No one has yet been arrested for the deaths.

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