Taharor aims to collect 50,000 signatures for ElBaradei to run for president
Mohamed ElBaradei - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Taharor Movement launched a campaign nationwide on Saturday to gather 50,000 signatures supporting former Vice President Mohamed ElBaradei to run for president, Taharor general coordinator Mohamed Fawzy told The Cairo Post on Saturday.

In coordination with the Dostor Party and April 6 Movement, along with other political powers, Taharor will set up operation rooms nationwide to supervise the process of gathering the 50,000 signatures, Fawzy said.

“In the next few days, Taharor will stage peaceful marches across the country to pressure ElBaradei to run for president,” Fawzy said, adding that several political figures close to ElBaradei had praised Taharor’s initiative.

“We have not coordinated with ElBaradei but we will call on him to submit to the demands of the revolutionary powers and be a presidential candidate,” Fawzy said in the movement’s conference in its headquarters in Faysal Saturday.

“Taharor conducted opinion polls in the last three months and they all showed public tendency towards nominating a civil presidential candidate who represents the January 25 Revolution such as ElBaradei,” Fawzy said.

Taharor is a group that split from Tamarod to form a new movement. Spokesperson Maha Al-Badeny said several members, including the movement’s general coordinator Mohamed Fawzy, are ex-Tamarod members, which is why the movement is considered and sometimes called Tamarod 2.

“We split from Tamarod when we realized that they recently deviated from the main principals of the January 25 Revolution and when they turned a blind eye to the unjustified excessive use of police force and brutality,” Badeny said.

Taharor aims to restore the Egyptians’ moral aspects that have been ‘fading out’ gradually since the January 25 Revolution, she said. “In addition to the movement’s political role, it is our agenda to deal with the notable increase of unfamiliar moral crimes.”

Tamarod Movement spokesperson Eman El-Mahdy denied any relations between them and Taharor, reported Youm7.

“Taharor’s policy of supporting ElBaradei for president totally differs from Tamarod’s tendency to support Field Marshal Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi,” Mahdy said, and added that Taharor is “ideologically closer to the Muslim Brotherhood’s orientation” than Tamarod.

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  1. David Johnson
    March 31, 2014 at 9:55 am

    It’s ridiculous how anyone can be labeled and demonized as a Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer [even if it’s not true] if the person raises legitimate questions.

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