Presidential advisor demands overhaul in sexual harassment awareness
Sakina Fouad - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Presidential Advisor for Women’s Affairs Sakina Fouad called for a media campaign to spread awareness about sexual harassment in a Saturday phone call to CBC channel.

She further stated that she has noticed that since the five-year-old child Zeina was murdered after two boys tried to rape her, several similar crimes followed, noting that such crimes continue as criminals spend a few years in prison and then are allowed to go free, as judges are restricted by law.

Zeina was a young girl in Port Said who was lured to the top of a building by two teenage boys, who then attempted to rape her. When Zeina screamed, the two boys threw her from the top of the building, killing her in Nov. 2013.

Fouad added that children pose a potential danger, as they were used to transport weapons for terrorist acts in Egypt.

She further called for lowering the age at which people can be tried as adults, which is currently set at 18, noting that this leads to more crime as they are sent to juvenile detentions and soon get out.

She also noted that young people aged between 16 and 18 were resistance leaders in the 1956 war.

Fouad also stated that President Adly Mansour will amend the sexual harassment law soon.

Dozens of students collectively harassed a young woman inside Cairo University on March 16, prompting the I Saw Harassment campaign to call on the Ministry of Higher Education and the university’s chairperson to allow its volunteers into universities to campaign against sexual harassment, according to a March 17 statement by the campaign.

Additional reporting by Mohamed al-Deeb.

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