Kefaya will not support a particular candidate
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CAIRO: Kefaya movement announced that it will not back a particular presidential candidate, leaving the matter up to members’ individual preferences, the movement said in a Sunday press release.

The release added that members may choose to endorse any candidate as long as they are not affiliated to Hosni Mubarak or Mohamed Morsi’s previous regimes.

The movement called on all state institutions and the High Presidential Elections Commission to “apply the rules of democracy, transparency and integrity to all stages of the electoral process, without favoritism or bias to any candidate.”

The movement called on Egyptians to back their candidate freely, without responding to pressures, adding that the ideal candidate would adopt the goals of the revolution, achieve social justice, and ensure the nation’s sovereign and independent decision making.

Kefaya was founded in 2004 as a protest movement, developing from and contributing to the first public demonstrations against Mubarak. Kefaya’s first demonstration, held on December 12, 2004, was a historic event, according to founder George Ishak who had said “it was the first occasion a protest was organized solely to demand that the president step down.”

Credited by some with being the first to crack the “wall of fear” between the Egyptian government and the people, Kefaya had its strongest days in 2005 during the constitutional referendum and presidential elections.

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