One killed at Al-Azhar University as student protests continue across Egypt
Al-Azhar University clashes - YOUM7/Saied Rabie

CAIRO: Pro-Muslim Brotherhood demonstrations took place Sunday in several universities across Egypt, resulting in one reported death at Al-Azhar University.

State-owned TV reported one student at Al-Azhar University was shot dead during clashes that erupted between security forces and students.

Dozens of pro-Brotherhood students demonstrated on the campus, demanding the release of detained students and the return of their dismissed students.

The university’s president, Osama el-Abd, was rescued following a reported attempt to assault him after a group of students gathered in front of the Saleh Kamel Center for Islamic Economy where Abd was attending a Ph.D. dissertation.

Security forces fired tear gas to disperse the students, and eight were arrested for reportedly setting fire to two vehicles in front of the center.

Youm7 reported that some students also set fire to a police car in front of the university.

Security forces also dispersed students for demonstrating outside of the campus on Mostafa el-Nahas Street in Nasr City. The road was temporarily closed off while students demonstrated.

Dozens of students assembled in front of the faculties of commerce and Islamic studies and proceeded to march around the campus, demanding the release of detained students and the return of their dismissed colleagues.

They chanted against the police, military and the university administration, while raising the four-finger sign representing the dispersal of Rabaa al-Adaweya sit-in in August 2013.

Al-Azhar University spokesperson Ahmed Zaraa said around 62 students have been referred to the disciplinary council since the beginning of the second semester, after being accused of encouraging chaos and sabotaging university buildings, reported Al-Ahram Newspaper on Sunday.

Meanwhile, at the university’s branch in Sharqia, security forces arrested 10 female students affiliatedwith theBrotherhood for allegedly causing chaos during a demonstration Sunday.

Ten students tried to storm the office of the Faculty of Islamic Studies’ dean, Youm7 reported.

At Cairo University,pro-Brotherhood students assembled in front of the Faculty of Dal Uloum while chanting against the police, army and the university administration to demand the release of detained students.

Security forces were stationed in front of the university’s main gate while administrative security closed the gate in order to prevent any attempts to storm the university.

Clashes erupted between several groups of students during Sunday’s demonstration, which resulted in administrative security intervening to stop them.

At Ain Shams University, administrative security stepped up its on-campus presence and closed the main gates, in anticipation of student protests could turn violent.

Youm7 reported that students at Ain Shams University set off fireworks in front of the administrative building, and covered the university’s walls with offensive graffiti.Meanwhile, one student protester got involved in an altercation with a photographer while trying to prevent him from taking pictures of the demonstration.

At Helwan University, dozens of pro-Brotherhood students staged a demonstration demanding the release of detained students, while chanting against the police and military.

Clashes erupted between pro-Brotherhood demonstrators andadministrative security inside the campus, while some students set off fireworks in their direction.

Some students from Helwan University stormed the Helwan metro station, which resulted in the metro line beingsuspended, said the head of Cairo Metro Abdallah Fawzy.

Fawzy also said some students from Cairo University stormed the metro station near the university’s campus, resulting in the metro line being suspended for several minutes.

At Asyut University, the administration summoned security forces to control pro-Brotherhood demonstrations there, after students stormed the administrative building.

The students stormed a conference being held at the university about the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, assaulting the conference guests in the process. The conference was attended by former Irrigation Minister Mohamed Nasr Aalam and veteran journalist Hazmdy Rezq.

Since the beginning of the academic year in September 2013, protests against the military-backed government and the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi have erupted repeatedly in several major universities, often leading to violent confrontation with security forces.

Additional reporting by Ismael Rafraat, Nada Seleem and Wael Rabeay.

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