Sisi leads Sabbahi in Baseera poll

CAIRO: Thirty-nine percent of Egyptians surveyed will vote for Field Marshal Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, said the Baseera Egyptian Center for Public Opinion and Research Sunday.

Sisi was the most popular choice among the 2034 persons polled, with only one percent saying that they would choose to vote for expected challenger Hamdeen Sabbahi, and 59 percent remain undecided.

The survey was conducted between March 24 and 26, before Sisi’s announcement of his intended presidential candidacy. However, these numbers reflect a drop from his 51 percent support in a previous poll conducted and published in mid-March.

According to the report, more males than females are in favor of Sisi, 41 percent and 36 percent respectively, while 43 percent of the elderly – above 50 – said they would vote for him, compared to 37 percent of young people aged between 18 and 29.

The High Presidential Elections Commission opened the door for presidential candidates to apply from March 31 to April 20, and it will announce the final list of candidates soon after that.

Sisi announced his presidential bid on state TV last Wednesday, “in response to popular demand” calling for him to run in elections. Sabbahi, who announced his bid in early February, is now seeking to make a public announcement on state TV on the grounds of “equal chances” for candidates, his campaign said this week.

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