Egypt Press Review: March 31

Youm7 press


The Supreme Presidential Electoral Commission announced on Sunday that registration for presidential candidates will begin on Monday, the election process begins May 15 for expats, and the first round of presidential elections is to be held May 26 and 27. The results are to be announced June 5, and another round will be held June 16.

Campaigns for candidates were launched before the commission’s announcement. Rallies for Abdel Fatah al-Sisi began in Kafr el-Sheikh, Gharbia, Sharqia and Damietta, while Hamdeen Sabbahi’s supporters formed a human chain in several governorates.


·        Azhar University students set fire to the university head’s car.

·      Central Auditing Organization head Hisham Genena: The regime of ousted President Mohamed Morsi had major corruption.

·      Minister of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim: Mohamed Morsi leaked military documents to Qatar.

·      One officer killed and three Central Security soldiers injured in assault in the Sinai.

Ahram press


Interim Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab said during his meeting with political parties that the government is committed to implementing the roadmap and achieving the goals of the January 25 Revolution and the events of June 30.

National Council for Women head Mervat Tallawy said political management and systems are the only way to enable women to gain political positions and their rights, adding that one third of the upcoming government must include women.


·        One student killed in Azhar University during clashes between students and security forces.

·      Minister of Finance Hany Kadry: Bread supply will remain untouched.

·      Minister of Education Mahmoud Abou el-Nasr: 240 million EGP assigned to save 598 schools from collapsing.

Akhbar press


Minister of Finance Hany Kadry said the fiscal budget’s final draft has a 12 percent increase in supply and wages, reaching 207 billion EGP, 100 billion more than last year.

Supreme Presidential Electoral Commission sets six articles to regulate the funding of presidential campaigns, with 20 million EGP as maximum spending.


·      Minister of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim claims that security forces did not kill journalist Mayada Ashraf.

·      Ministry of Finance: Maximum wage is being reconsidered.

·      Minister of Housing Mostafa Madbouly requests the help of the Armed Forces to restore 70,000 acres from “thugs.”

·      100,000 tons of cement imported to confront increase in prices.

·      Egyptian expats are to vote May 15 in Egypt’s councils and embassies with a national ID or passport, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Al-Masry Al-Youm press

Al-Masry Al-Youm

Doctors’ partial strike continues and paralyzes public hospitals. The supreme council for the strike said the Ministry of Health sent the medical professions cadre law draft to the Ministry of Finance.

Textile Holding Company head Fouad Abdel-Alim said interim Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab mandated cotton companies to export despite lack of liquidity.


·      Sohag mourns nine citizens who died in a fuel storage blast.

·      National Alliance to Support Legitimacy calls for “revolution” and the establishing of military groups.

Al-Shorouq press


Cabinet is to discuss Wednesday proposed suggestions from Minister of Environment Laila Iskander regarding a new mixture for power production as an alternative for coal.


·      Azhar University administration referred 700 students to disciplinary office.

·      Sharqia governor Saeed Abdel Aziz joins a journalist protest over the death of journalist Mayada Ashraf.

·      Border guards demolish five underground tunnels and detect 17 acres planted with drugs in the Sinai.

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