Ministry of Interior publishes Morsi espionage ‘confessions’ video
Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: The Ministry of Interior released on its official Youtube channel a video containing “confessions” of Muslim Brotherhood member Ahmed Abdou Ali Afifi about spying accusations against Morsi.

Afifi said in the video that he was contacted by the Palestinian Alaa Sablan, who introduced him to Karima a-lSerafy, daughter of a former President Mohamed Morsi aide.

Karima was allegedly responsible for smuggling classified documents out of the presidential palace in cooperation with her father and Morsi.

Sablan also introduced Afifi to Asmaa, responsible for RASD news network leaks. Afifi said the documents were put in three bags for Asmaa and were supposed to be published by RASD network.

Afifi had a meeting with Sablan, Asmaa and Mohamed el-Kilany, who works as a flight attendant. The meeting was held in the apartment of Khaled Hamdi Radwan, son of MB leader Hamdi Radwan, who also attended the meeting.

In this meeting they took a look on the documents and decided to use it, afterwards Sablan told them he contacted someone at Al-Jazeera network and they agreed to smuggle the documents to Qatar, according to the video.

Sablan went to Qatar through Turkey in order to arrange the details of how the documents would be transferred; he stayed at Sheraton Doha Hotel for one and a half months and had a meeting with the Egyptian Al-Jazeera manager Ibrahim Hilal.

Hilal gave him $50,000 as a down payment, but Sablan asked for $1.5 million and a position at Al-Jazeera in Qatar.

Afifi added that Sablan had another meeting with Al-Jazeera’s CEO, who demanded that the original documents and not only the copies should be smuggled to Qatar, and that they must be delivered through Lebanon or Turkey or directly to Doha if possible.

Sablan sent $10,000 to Afifi in Egypt and asked him to email a copy of the documents and to convince Kilany to carry the documents out of Egypt.

In a video chat through Skype in the presence of Sablan and Afifi, Kilany agreed with Al-Jazeera’s CEO to deliver the documents to Doha international airport where someone would take them from him immediately after landing in Doha.

Kilany managed to change his flights schedule to arrive in Doha as soon as possible.

The authorities managed to arrest Afifi, Radwan and Serafy on March 30, while Sablan, Asmaa and Kilany are still fugitives.

On Sunday, Minister of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim accused Serafy of espionage.

In a press conference, Ibrahim said Morsi cooperated with others to smuggle documents, important for national security, to Qatar by instructing his aide, Amin al-Serafy, to have his daughter smuggle the documents, reported Youm7.

Ibrahim also said Al-Jazeera aired some of the smuggled documents.

On other hand, the strategic expert Mahmoud Zaher said in an interview with Dream 2 channel that Morsi had changed the presidential palace staff immediately after winning the presidential elections in order to access the documents.

He added that sovereign authorities felt the danger after Morsi changed the staff, stressing that these documents were smuggled out by Morsi after copying them, as the intensive security system in the presidential palace prevents anyone from having access to such documents except the president and his staff.

Additional reporting by Ayman Ramadan.

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