Nasr City terrorist cell trial adjourned to April 24
Nasr City terrorist cell trial - YOUM7/Kareem Abdulkareem

CAIRO: Criminal Court of the Supreme Council adjourned the trial of 26 suspects in the case of the “Nasr City terrorist cell” to April 24.

The trial, which resumed on Monday at the Police Academy, was scheduled to hear the defense lawyers’ plea.

The defendants are accused of planning terrorist attacks against state institutions, establishing and managing a terrorist group, attempting to prevent state institutions from exercising their work, and harming national unity and social peace.

The fifth defendant is a conscript, prompting his lawyer to ask the court, how a “military conscript was able join a terrorist group, train and tamper with the country’s security without military intelligence knowing?”

The lawyer added that the officer assigned to investigate the case did not make any investigations but ” fabricated the case.”

He described his client as a “licentious”, “drunk” and “corrupt,” in an attempt to remove suspicions away from him.

Meanwhile, the third defendant who is accused of recruiting the military conscript claimed innocence, asking “If the fifth defendant is a military conscript why did I not ask him about army secrets?”

Security forces launched security operations targeting members of the cell in October 2012, the first operation resulted in the killing of one suspect.

Additional reporting by Mohamed Abdel Raziq.

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