On April Fool’s Day, fake stories run wild in Egyptian media
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CAIRO: The joke’s on you, Egypt! April 1, known the world over as a day of pranks, brought about an array of fabricated stories in the Egyptian media that tricked some into believing that they were actually real.

Several media outlets reported news that was not quite true, but rather a ruse to honor April Fool’s Day.

Scoop Empire (which renamed itself to Spoof Empire for the day) reported that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West announced they had finally chosen the location of their much talked about wedding: Cairo!

The Pyramids of Giza would provide the backdrop for the wedding, reported Scoop Empire, in a venue that would host over 1,000 guests to be flown in on private jets. Even the Egyptian Army would grant the jets access to use military airports so that wedding guests could avoid customs.

While the report did not seem like a farfetched reality from Hollywood, the story read at the end, “Happy April Fool’s Day.”

Another story in Masr el-Arabia reported that interim President Adly Mansour would remain in his position as Egypt’s president and presidential elections would be postponed indefinitely.

Masr el-Arabia said parliament elections will be held on time to be able to participate in developing a budget for the country, solving the electricity crisis, ensure the justice in distributing the petroleum products, etc.

And at the end of the story, Masr el-Arabia left a hint that the story was not real, saying “Happy April Fool’s from Masr el Arabia.”

The news portal Egyptian Streets also published a story claiming that dinosaur bones were discovered in the Pyramids of Giza, which seemed quite implausible considering dinosaurs became extinct prior to the pyramids’ construction.

Egyptian Streets also tweeted that a farmer had been sentenced to one year in prison for naming his dog “Sisi.” The tweet prompted others to tweet back asking whether or not the story was a farce in honor of April Fool’s Day. Egyptian Streets responded by saying the sentence was handed down by Qena Court for the Defamation of the Military, adding that the story was real but perhaps the story about dinosaur bones in the pyramids may not be 100 percent true.

According to Mada Masr, Youm7 fell victim to April Fool’s Day by picking up on a story from Cairo Scene, believing it to be a real report about Cairo’s first strip club opening in Zamalek. However, the report was just a spoof.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

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