Brotherhood supporters condemn UK inquiry while Egypt welcomes investigation
British Prime Minister David Cameron

CAIRO: Egypt’s pro-Muslim Brotherhood National Alliance to Support Legitimacy (NASL) condemned the United Kingdom’s decision Tuesday to investigate the Brotherhood’s activities in London, while the Egyptian Foreign Ministry welcomed the move.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron ordered intelligence agencies to look into the activities of the Brotherhood after reports claimed the group is using London as a base.

“The prime minister has commissioned an internal government review into the philosophy and activities of the Muslim Brotherhood and the government’s policy towards the organization,” British Prime Minister David Cameron’s office announced Tuesday.

NASL member Magdy Qurqur told The Cairo Post that the alliance condemned such a step, claiming that the west is supporting “the coup.”

“The U.S. and zionists’ stances were clear from the beginning, but the EU hesitated yet leaned more towards the coup, justifying that intelligence says Brotherhood members sought refuge in London to be safe from the crackdown by the Egyptian regime,” he continued.

Qurqur added that such a step highlights the acquiescence to Egyptian security demands without depending on any legal evidence, which contradicts with British Law.

Egyptian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Badr Abdel-Atty welcomed Cameron’s decision. He expressed his hope in a Tuesday press statement that this investigation would be conducted seriously.

The Brotherhood was designated as a “terrorist organization” by the Egyptian government on Dec. 25, 2013. Saudi Arabia blacklisted the group as well on March 7.

The investigation will be led by the UK ambassador to Saudi Arabia John Jenkins, AP reported.

“Main conclusions of the review, which are due to be completed by the summer, would be made public,” said the British government spokesperson.

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