Al-Jazeera journalists beaten, tortured: Defense
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CAIRO: The lawyer for detained Al-Jazeera journalists Sayed Shaban told Youm7 Wednesday that the defendants had been beaten and tortured, resulting in fractures and serious injuries.

Shaban also demanded in court that his clients be examined by the Forensic Medicine Authority to view the effects of torture. He added that authorities only allowed defendants’ relatives to visit them in custody through glass windows.

“This is inhumane treatment, and I am calling upon authorities to abandon this kind of treatment,” he said.

The prosecution has charged the journalists with inciting violence against the Egyptian state and committing acts related to “terrorism,” in addition to a string of violations including falsifying news on the Qatari-based network Al Jazeera.

The 20 defendants include four non-Egyptians, Australian citizen Peter Greste, British citznes Dominic Laurence and Susane Melanie, and Dutch citizen Rena Netjes, Al-Masry Al-Youm reported.

Netjes had not worked for Al-Jazeera but had conducted a meeting with one of the defendants accused in the Marriott Cell case.

The parents of detained Australian journalist Peter Greste told The Guardian newspaper on Tuesday, that they are “dumbfounded” by the Egyptian court’s refusal to grant him bail.

Juris and Lois Greste had hoped their son would be released from jail after Prime Minister Tony Abbott called interim President Adly Mansour last week about the case. But he and some of his colleagues were denied bail March 31.

His parents also said they were “still waiting to see tangible evidence in the trial.”

Shabaan told Youm7 he promised the defendants “a number of surprises” that he would present to the court that would shift the balance of the case, including new evidence proving the case has been fabricated and the defendants are innocent.

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