Veterinarians conduct partial strike
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CAIRO: Veterinarians conduct a partial strike on Wednesday in protest against the current government’s neglect of their demands, and to be included to the medical profession cadre.

The partial strike includes more than 400 slaughterhouses and 6,000 thousand veterinary units throughout Egypt, Veterinary Medicine Directorate, and veterinarians working at the Central security sector. Governmental hospitals and prisons have been excluded from the strike, veterinarian’s syndicator Samy Taha said in Wednesday press statement.

The veterinarians protested against the incentives law and demanded adopting the original cadre law. They also called to maintain the commissioning law for fresh graduates against calls for its amendment from the government.

The syndicate’s statement on March 6 said that since 1995, many graduates were not able to find full-time veterinary job positions.

On February, chairperson of the Veterinary Syndicate Samy Taha called on stakeholders Sunday to list veterinarians working in governmental positions in the upcoming medical incentives law.

Last February, veterinarian Ahmed Abdel Fattah, a member of Cairo’s veterinary sub-syndicate council, said that several veterinarians will stage an open strike at the garden of the Union of Medical Professionals until their demands are met.

The veterinarians previously participated in the doctor’s strike in February and March, demanding to be included in the medical profession cadre, which includes financial and administrative benefits such as promotions to higher ranks, trainings, and insurance.

The Veterinarians’ Syndicate held its first election since 1996 on March 28.  Supreme Judicial Committee tasked with the supervision of the Veterinarians’ Syndicate elections announced on March 28 that the Independence list won 11 out of 12 seats in the syndicate’s council.

Despite the syndicate announcing they will conduct a full strike every Wednesday starting in April, the veterinarians’ syndicator said in a Wednesday press statement that they will implement a partial strike that the governmental hospitals and prisons will be excluded.

The Veterinarians’ Syndicate will launch a full strike, in protest of the current government’s neglect of their demands, the syndicate announced in a Thursday statement.

It also called for a stand in front of the Ministry of Agriculture, inviting the unemployed veterinarians to participate to demand their rights on April 3.

Additionally reporting by Walid Abdel Salam.

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