7pm News Wrapup (April 2)

Three explosions hit Cairo on Wednesday leaving two people killed and dozens injured in Nahda Square outside Cairo University in Giza; the Cabinet is holding an emergency security meeting to discuss the situation.

The prime minister will give a speech tonight after conclusion of the security meeting.

News & Politics:

Three explosions at Cairo University killed two and injured nine on Wednesday, according to state news. Three bombs were detonated in the vicinity of the university; many casualties were police officers.

April 6 Youth Movement called on citizens to protest on April 6 to commemorate the movement’s founding under the banner of “Release Egypt,” according to the movement’s Facebook page Wednesday.

The statement mentioned Egypt had become worse than it was in 2008 and warned that the country would turn into a military state.

Cairo Criminal Court adjourned Wednesday the hearing of the case of former President Hosni Mubarak, both of his sons, his former Minister of Interior Habib al-Adly, six of his assistants and businessman Hussein Salem to April 7.

The defendants are on trial for inciting of, agreeing on and assisting in the killing of peaceful demonstrators during the January 25 Revolution, in addition to causing chaos and disrupting order in the country.



State owned company Telecom Egypt (TE) will provide cell phone services in return of 2.5 billion EGP by getting the unified telecommunication license, Ministry of Telecommunication and Information Technology announced Wednesday.


In return, Egypt’s Mobile operators (Vodafone, Mobinil, and Etisalat) will be allowed to offer fixed-line services for 100 million EGP from each operator in light of the new license terms.


Recent signs of Egyptian-Russian rapprochement fueled a split in views on the nature and future of Egyptian-Russian relations. While some analysts perceive signs of a historic shift toward Russia, others are more doubtful and see the continuation of a typical Egyptian ploy to pressure the Unites States.

Editor’s Pick:

The refusal of the Coptic Orthodox Church to accept the request submitted by a number Coptic citizens to be excluded from the membership of the church raised a state of controversy over the influence of the church on the lives of its people in Egypt. The request came due to the refusal of the church to provide them with the right of the second marriage.

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