Electricity Ministry studying fixed times for power cuts
Power outage in Egypt - REUTERS/Amr Abdallah Dalsh/Files

CAIRO: The Electricity Ministry is studying ways to avoid consequences of sudden power cuts.

One suggestion is to have a fixed time during which citizens should expect electricity to go off, Secretary Aktham Abul-Ela said Wednesday.

The Ministry will be cutting electricity whenever it needs to reduce loads, Abul-Ela said, noting that this should take place 15 minutes to the top of any hour and until five minutes past it.

This should give citizens enough time to take whatever necessary measures they need to take before any blackout, Abul-Ela said.

Elevators, for example, should not be used during those periods, he cited.

He added that the Ministry is also thinking of importing liquefied gas from Algeria to overcome a fuel-shortage problem.

Additional amounts of diesel oil will be used to operate power stations in cooperation with the Petroleum Ministry, Abul-Ela said.

He stressed the need for citizens to rationalize power usage, noting that this could save up to 10 percent of electricity.

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